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CEITEC S.A., established in 2008 is located in Porto Alegre Brazil and is government-funded through the Ministry of Science and Technology.

CEITEC S.A. primary goal is to develop the nation’s microelectronics industry. The companies’ charter is to create a solid foundation in semiconductors development, design and sales of products to meet the high demand in Brazil and also in South America.


CEITEC S.A. targets three main market niches: RFID, Wireless Communications and Digital Multimedia. Its products are developed in order to attend local demand and make possible the global growing of the company.



The Design Center uses advanced tools to develop highly complex semiconductor products with design capabilities up to 65 nm. CEITEC S.A.'s factory is the first of its kind in Latin America and manufactures RF analog/digital products. It can produce up to 100 million chips per year using 6-inch wafers.